Technical information



A slotted hole is manufactured with vertical serrations. During installation, a Braiko™ X (patent pending) element is rotаted to the correct position and then inserted into the slotted hole. The slotted hole is locked immediately.



  • Easy and economical manufacturing of the bracket
  • Serrations in the slotted hole have a large pitch (e.g. 9 mm).
    Therefore it’s possible to produce them by laser or plasma cutting
  • Large teeth can transfer high loads
  • Different coatings can be applied
  • Coating of the bracket intact
  • Readjustment possible
  • Easy quality assurance
  • Slotted hole is locked during installation
  • Fixing anchor is sheared



  • Quality assurance of the slotted hole with serrations is nescessary
  • Fender washer ISO 7093 is necessary